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Dogs available through Rakki-Inu

Thank you for your interest in adopting an Akita!


All of our dogs will be spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped prior to adoption. Most will be house trained, crate trained, and leash trained, and they will all come with medical records, collar with current tags, and a bag of food.


Please do not fill out this application if you already have a male AND a female dog in your home.

Please do not fill out this application to adopt an Akita of the same sex as the dog you already have in your home.

We do not do same-sex adoptions.


We DO NOT adopt to homes that use invisible fence/electric fence containment.


Also know that you must be willing to travel to meet the Akita you are interested in at the foster location,

most likely in VA.


Adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment. Every rescue dog comes with an adjustment period and a 10-year plus time commitment. If you are hesitant to keep your dog during good times and bad, during household moves, or family changes, please look no further.


Each dog below has its own story, history, and issues. Some have been dumped in shelters, found roaming the streets, neglected, and/or abused. We make every effort to match a rescue dog with a compatible forever home, but it is up to your new companion to adjust to your home and family. To help ensure a successful placement, we work with our applicants and adopters to answer questions before, during, and after each adoption. We have a rigorous application process to help make sure that these dogs, who have been through so much already, find their forever homes.


Our mission is to find new, loving homes for our rescues. All Akitas are altered, vet checked, and evaluated. An application is a required part of the adoption process and will help to match the right Akita for your household. With all the costs involved with rescue, we do request a $350 adoption donation to help defray our expenses so that we may help more Akitas in need. RIAR is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations may be tax deductible.


Neither Rakki-Inu Akita Rescue, Inc. (RIAR), nor its volunteers, coordinators, representatives, Internet Service Provider and its officers, employees, contractors and representatives; and any other person, firm or corporation involved with the efforts or business of this corporation, shall be held liable or responsible for any claims or causes of action incurred as a result of the provision or restriction of information, services, contacts, adoptions, fostering, veterinary care or by the actions of any and all dogs transferred or referenced herein.


Moreover, there is absolutely no guarantee made or implied that any person requesting to adopt a dog being fostered through RIAR., or posted on RIAR's website, will be allowed to adopt a RIAR Akita. Rather, all adoption applications are subject to acceptance based on a review process that may require collecting information from references and visiting the applicant's home. All decisions on placing dogs in adoptive and foster homes are based solely on the judgment of the volunteers and coordinators of RIAR and adoption applications submitted through this form can be denied for various reasons. RIAR reserves the right to make all decisions regarding placement or final disposition of any rescued dog in its care whether in, or being placed in, a foster or adoptive home or other facility. In addition, many of the dogs posted on RIAR's website are under the control of other shelters or owner placements, and RIAR has no control over how these dogs are placed.


By filling out and submitting the adoption application that follows,

you attest that you have read the above disclaimer and agree to the terms therein.


Please note that adoption applications will only be accepted from persons 18 years old or older.



If you are interested in any of the dogs listed below, please click the link to fill out our adoption application!









Bonded Pairs
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Belle and Sammy




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